misspelled the file name in Field Encryption Registry

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misspelled the file name in Field Encryption Registry

Postby Support » 01/30/09 02:34:25 PM


I copied an entry in the Field Encryption Registry and misspelled the file name. It does not exist in the library that I indicated


There are only a few options available to remove an item that is *ACTIVE.

One is if this is the only Field Registry Entry in this Field Registry (CRVL002), then you can delete the Field Registry and recreate it.

If there are more entries in this registry that you need, but can copy them from another field registry. I would rename the Field Registry (CRVL002) and recreate a new one.

Then copy the entries back in.

If all is ok then I would delete the saved Field Registry.

The last option is for me to send you program to manually change the status to *INACTIVE and then you can remove it.

For this you will need to tell me the Field Registry Entry Name and the version of Crypto you are using.

In version 2.0 of Crypto Complete we have added a validation check to make sure the file exists in the library stated before copying.

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