How do I reduce backup encryption time?

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How do I reduce backup encryption time?

Postby Support » 10/13/08 08:27:56 AM

1. You should only encrypt those libraries or objects that contain sensitive data. There is no need to encrypt IBM libraries (e.g. QSYS) or other libraries that do not contain confidential data. Tip: Review the backup/restore CL source examples in the CRYPTO/QCLSRC source file.

2. If you have sufficient disk space, you can save each library (that requires encryption) into its own Save File object using IBM?s SAVLIB command. When it is convenient, you can then encrypt and save those Save File objects to the backup device using Crypto Complete?s ENCSAVF (Encrypt Save File) command.

3. Try using the compression option. The process will compress the information to the save file it writes before writing to the tape. It will take a litttle longer to create the compressed save file than not compressing but you should end up with less to write to tape, which will save time.

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