How to Trouble Shoot an issue

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How to Trouble Shoot an issue

Postby Support » 03/20/08 10:34:37 AM

Where can I look to trouble shoot an issue with Crypto Complete?

There are a couple of things to check

Please make sure CRYPTO is in your library list.

Make sure the library that holds the CRVL002 Field Registry Validation List is in your library list. This is shipped in library CRYPTO.

Make sure you have at least *CHANGE authority to CRVL002

Check your joblog. There may be some good information in the joblog.

Look at the Crypto Complete Audit log. The audit log entries are recorded through the journal named CRJN001, which is located in the CRYPTO library by default.
Take Option 20 from the Key Policy and Security Menu (GO CRYPTO1) will display the Audit Log Journal.
This journal may give some clues as to what is causing your error.

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